How to Make a Movie?

Did you know you can make a movie on your own without involving an expert? It is actually possible with some simple steps. Whether you want the movie for personal benefit or to make some income, follow the following steps to do it:

Step 1: acquire the equipment

There are things you need basically to be able to make that movie. For instance, you need the camera, some source of lighting, cosmetics of your choice and others things in that line. Start by getting them. Whether you are going to buy hire or borrow, it is upon you. You definitely cannot start to make a movie before you put them in place.

Step 2: learn something about filming

Yes, filming has a language that you ought to understand before going to the field. You will have to at least learn something about lighting, color, editing, angles and shots, cosmetics, frames and many more. It is this knowledge that will help you know if you are doing something of value or not. Obviously, there must be a basic understanding of what you are doing for you to succeed in it.

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Step 3: learn the skills from other filmmakers

Once you have understood the basic concept of filmmaking, you can now learn the practical part of it by studying other filmmakers’ ideas. This helps you to put the theory into action. You should be able to identify the angle of different shots in films, the transitions any film concept from the other people’s works.

Step 4: build your personal skills

You do not learn about what other people do for granted. You learn them to apply. Therefore, you can take the advantage and apply them while practicing. Before you make the first video, you will have to learn much about the whole art through practice. Shoot different scenes and in different places. Play around with the photograph in different positions of the sun. This practice helps you to come out with spotless skills.

Step 5: record the actual video

At this point, you can now use your skills and creativity to come up with a storyline. Creativity varies from each individual. You may not do it like another person. You only need to ensure that you communicate something in the movie. In other words, your purpose should be achieved.

Step 6: edit the recording

This is the last step and it has the ability to destroy or make whatever you have recorded. Try are much as you can to edit it with smooth transitions and in the best way possible. If you are not sure of your editing skills, you can hire an editor so that the movie can come out as desired.